Access to reliable & affordable cars with an amazing payment plan has helped many people achieve their dreams of owning cars.

With our convenient payment plan, we have continued to expand opportunities for those who see Uber or Bolt as alternative sources of income.

We are vigorously tackling unemployment by providing cars for unemployed Nigerians with the hope of making a living in the transportation industry.

Keep spreading the word. The Johnson’s Ride is here for you.

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Many years ago, only the ultra-wealthy had their hands on the wheels. Then, having a driver was not trendy as the bosses wanted to be on the wheels themselves. This was a major sign of wealth and affluence.

Low and middle-income earners were not even permitted to dream of owning a car because that would have just been chasing the shadows.

A few years down the line, the income bracket widened and many more could now get their cars.

Then came the Johnsons Ride. Before launching our business, we put our minds to work to identify the problems faced by prospective car owners who were willing but unable to purchase a car. We identified a common problem and worked hard to come up with a solution to solve that problem, breaking the limits of possibility and expanding the imagination of all, and giving every man the opportunity to own cars (whether brand new, Foreign used or Nigerian used).

Problem: A large percentage of people can’t afford most cars provided by car dealers.


Solution: Provide affordable cars and a mind-blowing payment plan.


Results: Countless people driving in cars from the Johnsons Ride and smiling all the way through.


It is often said that your body will only move in the direction of the possibilities your mind has captured.

At the Johnsons Ride, we don’t just help your imagination, we also allow you drive in the cars you have previously imagined by giving you a payment plan that affords you to pay between 20-30% while you spread balance between 6-36months.

Whether you want to purchase a car outrightly, or a payment plan bursting with flexible payment options of up to 36 months, you will find the right car that surpasses your expectations.

Everyone can now own a car

We have got people driving and smiling.